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Also, I've been working hard to bring you Keeping Secrets. All four books in the series revolve around secrets that could destroy the hero and heroine's relationship if revealed. Of course, the truth will out - and happily ever after. How the characters navigate the plot is what makes the books interesting to me and also, I hope, to my readers.

The first book in the Keeping Secrets Series is EVER SINCE EVE. Here's what it's about:

"Wombs for rent"

And next thing she knows, Eve Triopolous is signing on the dotted line to carry a baby to term.

Eve is unemployed, down on her luck, and sole support of her disabled dad. When she spots an ad calling for a surrogate mother, she impulsively responds.

Money is important, but more compelling is the longing on the faces of Derek and Kelly Lang, who hire her to bear their child. Derek is a wealthy business magnate, and Kelly becomes Eve's closest friend. The Langs will be fantastic parents and their baby the luckiest in the world.

Then tragedy strikes, leaving Eve and Derek to decide what's going to happen to the precious small life that Eve carries beneath her heart. How can she convince handsome Derek that he'll be a wonderful father? And how can she prove that she is the best mommy for his little bundle of joy? Because by now, Eve has found the love of her life. The two loves of her life - and she's never letting go.

"Pamela Browning's intimate new twist on the secret baby plot will touch your heart!" -

Okay, so the four books of the Keeping Secrets series are EVER SINCE EVE, THROUGH EYES OF LOVE, SUNSHINE AND SHADOWS, and TOUCH THE STARS. You're always welcome to share your thoughts about my books with me. Send me an email, friend me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter or sign up for the book club.

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