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Dear Readers,

I'm very happy to announce the recent release of my latest five-book series, Beach Bachelors. The series features five sexy sun-bronzed bachelors and the women who capture their hearts. The first three Beach Bachelors books are a boxed set for only $5.99. Books 4 and 5 in the series are stand-alone romances. I've added a tab above where you can click to learn about the books and to buy them if you're so inspired. And please subscribe to my newsletter. Just go to my Newsletter page, scroll to the bottom of the column on the left, and click. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Next, me. Yes, that's my photo, and it was taken on a cruise a little over a year ago. No, it's not photo-shopped, as one reader suggested. That is my real head. Honest. I would know. Also the rest of me was real last time I looked.

And - my books. Readers mention that they can't find them in stores. You won't. Usually. That's the bad news. Or maybe not, because there's also good news:

They're online. As I mentioned, you can buy the Beach Bachelors Series by clicking the tab above. If you're looking for my Keeping Secrets series, click on the links to the left. For this series, I've created different links for Kindle and Nook and Kobo.

But why can't you find my books in stores? Well, Harlequin, my perplexing publisher, doesn't distribute them that way these days, at least not in the U.S. You can still buy my book A REAL-THING FLING as a mass-market paperback in Hungary, but that FLING has been flung so far that most of you won't be availing yourself of the opportunity. Plus you'd have to read it in Hungarian.

Fortunately, authors no longer have to depend on the quirks and whims of publishers to deliver their books to readers. After a long career in which I've sold 50 books to major publishing houses around the world, I'm my own publisher now, and it's great.

I'd be delighted if you'd friend me on Facebook at Pamela Browning Author. My Twitter link is on the left.

Thanks for visiting my website, and please check out my blog while you're here. As we say in the South where I live, y'all come back!

With love and best wishes,

Pamela Browning

P. S. I never forget that I owe my success to you, the readers. I am very grateful for your continued support.