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Finding your way to a family, one kiss at a time!

Dear Readers,

My Circles of Love series celebrates untraditional families, all brought together through the love of the hero and heroine for each other. In these four heartwarming books, each loving couple must decide what makes a family. Is family defined only by blood ties? Or is it what we feel in our hearts?

Jane and Duncan, Martha and Nick, Kate and Morgan, Sage and Adam - four couples whose love stories ultimately bring them to the realization that a family is made up of the very special people that we choose to embrace in our ever-widening Circles of Love.

Happy reading,
P. B.

Jane Rhodes, alone except for her cat Amos, is hitchhiking to California when she discovers she's picked the wrong truck driver and jumps from a moving 18-wheeler into a raging Wyoming blizzard.

Duncan Tate, a llama rancher, finds Jane nearly frozen and takes her to his ranch. His only family, old Rooney and Rooney's rambunctious granddaughter Mary Kate, help nurse Jane back to health while Duncan captures her heart.

But when Jane's amnesia threatens their future, Duncan vows to help her learn the truth about herself. Even if it destroys the life they hope to have together.....

In Ketchikan, Alaska for the summer, Martha Rose asks the town's most talked-about bachelor for a date. But salmon fisherman Nick Novak promptly turns her down.

As the town continues gossiping about Nick, Martha becomes convinced he has a secret life. No one knows where Davey--the little boy who lives with him--came from. And where does Nick go when he disappears into the Alaska wilderness?

But Martha Rose has already fallen in love with Nick, and maybe, just maybe, she's the one to reel in this elusive catch.

Kate Sinclair agrees to bear a baby for socialite Courtney Rhett, who received custody of embryos conceived in vitro when she divorced her husband, Morgan Rhett. Months later, Kate is pregnant and living alone in a lighthouse off the South Carolina coast when Courtney tells her that she no longer wants the child.

Under the circumstances, Kate has no choice but to inform Morgan Rhett that he must adopt his own child. Morgan is skeptical, but he is captivated by Kate.

Before long, Morgan's telling himself that he moved to the island to protect Kate so that she won't take chances with her health as she goes about her work. But the chance Kate is taking has more to do with the precious life she carries under her heart. It has to do with Morgan Rhett himself…..

Alone in the world except for her special-needs toddler, Sage McKenna is the go-to handyman in her small town. Even her smile has been known to mend a broken heart.

Adam Hracek has never wanted a permanent home until he arrives in Willoree, but all his instincts tell him to stay. If Sage can cobble together an extended family by fixing broken hearts, maybe she can heal him, too.

But with Adam scheduled to leave after a year, Sage is wary of letting Adam get too close. Yet love has a way of changing things - for the better!