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Dear Readers,

I'm happy to announce the release of my Circles of Love Series - four books, four unique love stories.


Circles of Love celebrates untraditional families, all brought together through the love of the hero and heroine for each other. In these four heartwarming books, each loving couple must decide what makes a family. Is family defined only by blood ties? Or is it what we feel in our hearts?

Jane and Duncan, Martha and Nick, Kate and Morgan, Sage and Adam - four couples whose love stories ultimately bring them to the realization that a family is made up of the very special people that we choose to embrace in our ever-widening Circles of Love.


Next, me. Yes, that's my photo. No, it's not photo-shopped, as one reader suggested. That is my real head. Honest. I would know. Also the rest of me was real last time I looked.


And - my books. Readers mention that they can't find them in stores. You won't. Usually. That's the bad news. Or maybe not, because there's also good news:


They're online, and you can buy them by clicking on the appropriate links on this site.


Fortunately, authors no longer have to depend on the quirks and whims of publishers to deliver their books to readers. After a long career in which I've sold 50 books to major publishing houses around the world, I don't have to depend on publishers. My books are available everywhere in ebook form.


I'd be delighted if you'd friend me on Facebook at Pamela Browning Author. My Twitter link is on the left.


Thanks for visiting my website, and please check out my blog while you're here. As we say in the South where I live, y'all come back!


With love and best wishes,

Pamela Browning


P. S. I never forget that I owe my success to you, the readers. I am very grateful for your continued support.